Macromolecular crystallography with synchrotron radiation

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A new Multi-Technique Proposal mechanism pilot phase has been created for projects that require the use of two or more scientific techniques available at SSRL this includes both x-ray and EM. A goal is to expand it in the future to include additional techniques such as those available at LCLS. The new pilot proposals will require a thorough justification as to why the two or more techniques are required for scientific success.

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The new proposal will be available June 1 and the first deadline for submission will be July 1. Beam Line. UV-Vis microspec.

Synchrotron Radiation in Life Sciences

Sample Database Spreadsheet templates. Remote Unix Desktop.


Control Software Blu-Ice. The shrinkage of a water or dilute solute droplet during evaporation results in a wetting transition with liquid entering the gaps between the pillars [38]. At higher solute concentrations, a viscous protein layer is formed at the droplet rim by convective-flow mediated mass transport during evaporation. The reduced molecular mobility at the rim can result in self-assembly and the formation of 1D or 2D morphologies [39 , 40]. Indeed, a solution of rod-like tobacco mosaic virus TMV particles of nm length and 18 nm diameter forms a coffee-ring type layer on the pillars Figure 7A [40 , 42].

Raster-diffraction with a x nm 2 beam reveals micro-domains on and between the pillars with the nanorods axes aligned more or less parallel to the rim and pillar surface Figure 7B , 7C. Single crystalline features, already noted in a TMV microbeam study [43] , are apparent in a pattern from the residue of the retracting layer on top of a pillar Figure 7A , 7B.

The best resolution of 1. Improving the resolution of self-assembled TMV particles on artificially structured substrates will be an interesting challenge. The optical field reduces random motion due to Brownian forces, allowing raster-scans of trapped objects by microPX techniques [48 , 49]. The laser beam can be split holographically into multiple traps [46].

In order to cope with objects of very low scattering power, sample supports and confining walls have to have ultralow background scattering and X-ray absorption. Helpful discussions with A. Accardo, F.

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De Angelis and G. Pechkova Genova University , C. Burghammer, A. Popov, S. Colletier and N. Coquelle IBS-Grenoble are gratefully acknowledged. References 1. Protein Micro- and Nanocrystallography using Synchrotron Radiation.

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Micro-Crystallography Comes of Age. Femtosecond X-Ray Protein Nanocrystallography. Plenty of Room for Biology at the Bottom. The European Synchrotron, Grenoble.

SESAME - Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East

Nave C. Proteomics and Nanocrystallography.

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