Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives

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Multicultural Education Issues and Perspectives by Banks

McGee Banks - James A. Butler - Rodney A. Cavenaugh - Frederick Erickson - Sara C. Ernsbarger - Donna Y. Ford - Geneva Gay - Carl A.

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Grant - Beth Harry - Robert M. Hauser - Jay P. Heubert - William L. Lippy - Luanna H.

The 5 Dimensions of Multicultural Education

Meyer - Carlos J. Banks is Russell F. Cherry A. Banks , Cherry A. Census Bureau U. Department U. Twenty-five of the thirty teachers received a hard copy four question Likert scale survey to complete. The remaining 5 participants took part in face-to-face interviews discussing six open-ended questions.

The findings pointed to several issues facing the teachers such as the lack of an officially implemented multicultural education program, the lack of support from school administrators, no in-service training available for teachers, parental and student misapprehension, and a lack of an officially defined policy on implementation and support of a multicultural education program from administrators locally and district-wide.

Assaf, L. Garza, R. Multicultural teacher education: Examining the perceptions, practices, and coherence in one teacher preparation program.

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Teacher Education Quarterly, 37, 2,. Bailey, F. Teacher perceptions of the adequacy of their preparation for teaching students learning English as a second language. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Sarasota. Banks, C. Multicultural education: Issues and perspectives 4th ed. Original work published Multicultural education: Issues and perspectives 8th ed. Bohn, A.

October, Multicultural education and the standards movement. Phi Delta Kappan, 82 2 , - Brooks, W. Reading Research Quarterly, I 3 , Camp, E. Diaz, C. Multicultural education for the 21 century.

Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives

Washington, D. Garza, A.

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  • Bilingual Research Journa, 29 3 , Gorski, P. The challenge of defining a single "Multicultural Education". In Multicultural super site defining multicultural education. Huerta, C. Barriers to the implementation of multicultural education in a secondary teacher preparation program.

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    High School Journal, 82 3 , Hyland, N. The Educator, 5 2 , The condition of education Washington: U. Department of Education. Key, L. Multicultural education training for educators: What effect does it have on the academic achievement of secondary students of color? Unpublished manuscript. Ladson-Billings, G.

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    Multicultural teacher education: Research, practice, and policy. In Banks, J.

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